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Vaporizer reviews can help you choose

The Daily Cloud is an online publication focused on herbal vaporizer reviews, news, and technology.

We review vaporizers for several reasons, primarily because we love herbal vaporizers and we enjoy testing them even more. Patients who use medicinal herbs need to enjoy their therapeutic compounds in a healthy and safe manner. Herbal vaporizers are important because they are designed to extract plant compounds as healthy vapors that can be inhaled safely, and without the harmful side effects of traditional smoking (or combustion).

Although cannabis smoke is not as harmful as tobacco smoke, by avoiding the toxic by-products released through combustion, you can enjoy the benefits of your botanical herbs in the healthiest way possible. Vaporizing is also very convenient for accurate dosing with the added benefit of feeling the medication in real time. This is often not possible with other delivery methods, like edibles, which can begin to take effect hours after consumption. This delay can be misleading, and can cause the patient to consume a higher dose than necessary, which can be disrupting and can result in a negative experience.

The herbal vaporizer market is growing steadily and consumers can choose from many different designs. This can be confusing to a beginner so reading vaporizer reviews can help with making an informed decision.

So where are the vapes?

We’re working hard to expand our collection of vape reviews. If you’d like our opinion on a specific vaporizer, or if you’d like us to write a complete review, feel free to get in touch and let us know.

How vaporizers are scored

Vapor Quality

How efficiently is the material vaporized? How clean is the flavor?

Build Quality

How well is the device constructed? Can it withstand rigorous use?

Value for money

Is the price reasonable for the quality and features of the device?


What heating method, interface, and accessories does the device have to offer?


Is the device easy and practical to use? How soon does one learn how to use it effectively?


How unique and innovative is the product through its design and execution?

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