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Mistvape Touch Herbal Vaporizer

Mistvape Touch with glass stem

Mistvape Touch with Glass Stem

The Mistvape Touch (MVT) is a herbal vaporizer that doesn’t give a crap about high-tech bells and whistles. Analogue and elegant, the Mistvape’s job is to turn your herbs into rich and tasty vapor, and it does this job well.

This little marvel of woodwork has no displays, temperature dials, or battery meters. It’s only interface is a touch button and window into its glowing heart. That’s pretty much all you need to create plenty of satisfying vapor. The Mistvape’s 100% convection heating system uses a twin stack of pancake coils to heat the air that vaporizes your herbs. The glass porthole is another cool feature, and it allows you to watch as the coils become incandescent. It’s details like this that refine the Mistvape experience without adding useless gimmicks.

Power efficiency

vaporizer with 18650 battery

Mistvape Touch with 18650 battery

A single 18650 battery powers the Mistvape Touch and when it comes to power efficiency this herbal vaporizer is astounding. Depending on your technique you can power up to 12 bowls from one single charge. You can thank the on-demand design of this vape since it doesn’t use any power unless the button is being pressed. Put down the Mistvape Touch and the coils do not draw any power whatsoever.

Speaking of the button, the Mistvape has a unique touch sensor that requires almost no force to engage. It’s as easy as resting your finger on the button and the coils begin to glow behind the porthole at the base of the stem. Once the coils become incandescent the Touch is ready to rock.


glass stem with loading collar

Mistvape Touch stem loading collar

The Mistvape Touch is very easy to load and use. Included with our test device was a wooden collar that sits onto the stem’s bowl to make loading easy. The collar acts like a funnel and widens the bowl enough to pour in your material without spilling. The collar is especially useful when loading the Mistvape in dark rooms or outdoors. You can load around .2g of herb into the bowl and a light-to-medium pack is ideal for better vapor production. After loading the stem, turn the Mistvape upside down and lower it onto the stem. Keep in mind that if you flip the stem the herbs might pour out, so it’s much easier to flip the Mistvape upside down instead.

mistvape touch vaporizer bowl loaded with herb

Mistvape Touch stem with loaded bowl

For an extra $30 you can order the MVT with an optional safety switch at the bottom of the device. The safety switch is an extra safety feature that prevents accidental use and allows you to leave the battery in the device when not in use. Fresh bowl ready and battery in place, hold one finger on the MVT’s button and after 5 seconds the coils begin to glow. Users with smaller hands might struggle with the button’s location, so an ergonomic uplift will benefit a future version of this vape.

After several tests I recommend the following technique as an easy starting point to using this herbal vaporizer:

vaporizer heater coils glowing

Mistvape Touch with glowing coils

  1. Touch the button and wait for the coils to glow red hot
  2. Begin drawing slowly, still holding the button
  3. Release the button as soon as you feel the warm vapor in your throat
  4. Keep drawing slowly until you inheale the desired amount of vapor
  5. If you need a higher temperature to finish off the bowl, slow down your draw speed and hold the button for longer to extend the heating time for your herbs

AVB Inspection

glass stem with avb

Mistvape Touch AVB

The AVB (already vaped bud) inspection is a key test in vaporizer reviews, and this is the only area where the Mistvape Touch showed a chink in its armor. After a few sessions I found that the Touch has a tendency to focus the stream of hot air into the very center of the bowl. This hot spot creates some combustion in the middle of the herbs, and in the world of vaporizers this is a big no-no.

You can avoid the hot spot’s effect by stirring the bowl after every couple of draws, which is where the wooden collar becomes super useful. As long as you stir your herbs once or twice throughout the session the MVT will produce a golden-brown AVB with no combustion or charring.

Collar and stir tool
The collar and stir tool is an optional accessory that can be purchased for an extra $28.

Burn In

The Daily Cloud always encourages users to put new vaporizers through a burn-in process. This allows you to burn away any toxic manufacturing residues which could end up in your lungs.

To burn-in your Mistvape Touch:

  1. Swab the glass stem with isopropyl alcohol or allow to sit in boiling water
  2. Hold the touch-button until the coils glow red-hot, and then hold for another 20s after that


The Mistvape’s cleaning process is no different to other vaporizers. A quick brush of the screen above the heater coils is enough to remove any spent material. As for the glass stem, you can allow resin to accumulate if you’d like to harvest it for other uses. Inside the stem’s bowl, the basket screens tend to get blocked after only a few sessions. When you start feeling an increase in draw resistence you can soak the stem in isopropyl alcohol. The screens have a tight fit inside the stem, and you’ll have to remove them to scrub off the build-up or to replace them. You can push them through the glass stem by inserting a long hex key or dowel down the mouthpiece.

Re-inserting the basket screens is also a tricky job. If you sit the screen over the tip of a dowel or hex key it becomes easy to push the screen back into the bowl. Over the last two years I haven’t replaced any screens in our vaporizers. Cleaning them will give you almost infinite mileage and save you some extra change.


  • Super tasty flavor
  • No plastics
  • Impressive battery life


  • Herbs must be stirred
  • Screens are tricky to remove / re-insert
  • Collar should be included by default
The Mistvape Touch is an on-demand vaporizer that has been designed with maximum flavor as a key feature. It's highly efficient heating system is capable of delivering over 10 sessions on a single charge, sometimes more. Awkward ergonomics and the need to stir the herbs offer the opportunity for future models to be improved, but the Mistvape oozes so much personality that it remains one of our favorites.