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Mistvape Essence Convection Vaporizer

mistvape essence on displkay against a tree

The Essence and its beautiful wood construction

Unlike the Mistvape Essence, many other vaporizers are like Japanese cars. They are easy to operate, predictable, mass produced, and lacking in personality. And then sometimes, we stumble upon a different breed of vapes that are more akin to a hand-built Morgan. They are unique, classy, powerful, and give complete control to the driver.

Like hand-built vehicles, vapes like the Mistvape Essence perform according to the user’s technique. In your hands, you hold an unrestricted machine that puts out as much power as you feed it. In return, you get to enjoy an experience that is rewarding and pure fun. There are other perks too! Flavor, smoothness, and a swift kick in the marbles to mention a few.

Without further ado, let’s explore the Mistvape Essence.

Design and Build

mistvape essence feature image

The Mistvape Essence with included accessories

The Mistvape Essence is clean and minimal, and its design is both practical and durable. The body is a tube crafted from elegant Bocote wood which gives it a sophisticated character. Remove the Bloodwood end caps and you’ll find an air inlet on one end, and a glass mouthpiece on the other. It couldn’t be more simple, but don’t let it’s simple design fool you.

When carrying our vaporizer reviews it can be frustrating when an important piece of the puzzle is missing. Luckily, the Essence comes packed with the right accessories to use and service the vape:

  • Glass inlet – butane flame heats up the air stream through this end
  • Glass mouthpiece – like the Mistvape Touch, bowl and mouthpiece are one unit
  • WonG – use your Essence with water tools like a bubbler
  • Stir / packing tool – stir your herbs to ensure even heating
  • Collar – load the Essence without spilling any herbs
  • Screens – 3 extra screens to keep your vape feeling new

The mouthpiece and air inlet connect to a section of maple inside the Bocote body. The maple piece is used for part of the air path, and adds to the character of the vapor’s flavor. At this price, the Essence provides great value and doesn’t need any upgrades. Water adapters are usually sold as accessories so it’s great that the Essence comes with its own WonG.

Power, lots of it!

mistvape essence being used like a cigar

The Essence in cigar mode

The Mistvape Essence is a butane powered vaporizer. This means that it doesn’t rely on batteries or any electrical input, but it uses the flame from a butane lighter to heat up a stream of air. In turn, the hot air flows through your herbs and releases their essential goodness. The vapor then flows through the mouthpiece and into your respiratory airway.

The advantage of using butane vapes is obvious; you never need to charge any batteries. Even if you’re out hiking or camping, all you need is a butane refill for your lighter. When it comes to mileage, a single can of butane lasts pretty damn long.

The Mistvape Essence puts complete heating control into your hands. Different to butane vapes like the Dynavap Vaporizer, the Essence doesn’t tell you when you applied enough heat. This is entirely up to you, and you gauge the heat level by being aware of the vapor’s taste and temperature. Too hot? Starting to taste a bit toasty? Ease off the flame. That’s it.

Using the Mistvape Essence

mistvape essence with herbs loaded in bowl

Mouthpiece and bowl in one glass stem

Based on how you use it, the Mistvape Essence can be light and playful, or it can deliver a solid punch. As a convection vaporizer, the Essence cooks up some really tasty vapor that carries a slight “woody” characteristic. The wooden construction of the Essence is passed on to the vapor, and the result is very pleasant and soothing without compromising the natural flavor of your herbs.

The right technique is essential with the Essence but it isn’t too hard to master.

As with many other butane vapes, it’s easy to combust your herbs if you don’t pay attention to your technique. This is not due to a design-flaw, but it is typical of unregulated vaporizers.

A simple starter technique

I recommend using a single-flame torch lighter with the Mistvape Essence. Multiple flames can be too agressive and combust your herbs a lot quicker.

To get started with the Essence:

  1. Remove both end-caps from your Mistvape Essence
  2. Remove the mouthpiece and lightly pack the bowl with fine to medium ground herbs
  3. Re-insert the mouthpiece
  4. Have your lighter ready in one hand, and bring the Essence to your lips with the other
  5. Hold the tip of the flame against the opening of the air inlet and start drawing slowly
  6. When you begin to taste the warm vapor, wave the flame back and forth across the air inlet to control the heat
  7. Keep on drawing slowly, and when the vapor begins to taste hot on your throat remove the flame from the inlet

It’s as simple as that. You only need to be mindful of the taste and temperature of the vapor to control the heat accordingly. Don’t push the Essence too far as your herbs will combust. Some vapes can be forgiving, but the Essence can change from a minivan to a drag racer in no time, and that’s the beauty of it.

Even with a small amount of herbs, the Mistvape Essence delivers tasty and potent vapor. It’s a very personal device and the technique makes it less than ideal to share with friends, but that’s a big part of what makes it so special.

Using the Essence through water

mistvape essence with wong through water bubbler

The Essence with WonG connected to a bubbler

If you want to run your Mistvape Essence through water, you have to switch out the glass mouthpiece for the WonG. The WonG (wood on glass) is a maple tube that functions exactly like the glass mouthpiece. The only difference is the width of the wooden tube that allows it to form a solid connection to a 14mm bubbler joint.

The technique for water is the same as using the Essence like a cigar. However, you have to be more mindful of the vapor’s temperature since it will be cooler through water, and might mislead you. You might not notice the vapor getting too hot so the chance of combustion is higher. The best way to avoid combustion through water is to keep an eye on vapor thickness and color. Remove the flame from the inlet as soon as the vapor is dense and white. Once the vapor starts to look yellowish then your herbs have started to burn up.

To recap the water technique:

  • Switch out glass mouthpiece for the WonG
  • Keep an eye on the vapor, don’t let it get too dense
  • Ensure the vapor stays white

AVB Inspection

Please note:
With the Mistvape Essence, the quality of AVB (already vaped bud) depends entirely on the user’s technique. No image was included with this review because the AVB from our tests is not true to the vape’s performance, but it only reflects the style of the user.


The Mistvape Essence is one of the easiest vapes to clean. The vapor travels only through the mouthpiece or WonG, so nothing else needs any cleaning.

When you start feeling an increased draw resistence then it’s time to clean the screen. To do so, you can push the screen through the mouthpiece or WonG by using the handle of the included stirring tool. Slide the wooden handle through the “mouth” of the mouthpiece and gently push the screen out through the bowl. This also applies to the WonG. Once the screen is out, scrub it clean with a brush and some isopropyl alcohol or replace it with a new one. You can also clean the air paths of the mouthpiece and WonG with a pipe cleaner dipped in alcohol.

The simple cleaning routine adds to the ingenious design of the Mistvape Essence. Once you get used to the technique, you’ll find this one of the most straightforward vapes to use. And at this price-point, getting your hands on one is an absolute no-brainer.


  • Tasty vapor with unique character
  • Potent medication
  • WonG is included
  • Affordable price


  • Higher risk of combustion
  • User must learn the right technique
PRICE: 100
The Mistvape Essence is a beautiful and highly personal vaporizer. Without any in-built controls, this vape is as powerful as you need it to be, but you're the only one in the driver's seat. There is a higher risk of combustion with this type of vaporizer, but that is no fault of the Essence. This vaporizer lets you use it in whichever way you prefer, and it is capable of producing VERY potent and tasty vapor. At this price range it's impossible to resist, and it's highly recommended if you want to take your vaping game to the next level.
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