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Magic Flight Launch Box Conduction Vaporizer

Magic Flight Launch Box accembled and ready to use

The Launch Box assembled with battery and stem

Have you ever wanted a vaporizer that is both hand-made and affordable? How about a vape that is hand-made, affordable, and hits as hard as moose tranquilizer? I’m happy to inform you that the Magic Flight Launch Box, or MFLB, ticks all those boxes.

This vape is so small and stealthy that it’s hard to imagine how well it medicates the user, until you take it for a spin. And we did take it for a spin, many spins actually. This little box managed to surprise us in more ways than one. In fact, it’s name is no exaggeration of the experience it delivers.

Please note:
The Launch Box model used in this review is the Monocle Edition. Functionally, this model is identical to the standard Launch Boxes, and the differences are purely cosmetic.
Magic Flight Launch Box engraved message

A personal message from Magic Flight

Another point worth highlighting is Magic Flight’s limited lifetime warranty. Aside from the exceptions documented on the web site, your Magic Flight Launch Box will last you a lifetime. Unless you throw it off a building or go scuba diving with it, Magic Flight will replace your device when it fails. I will always support manufacturers who stand by their products and customers.

Design and Build

Magic Flight Launch Box size comparison with apple

The Launch Box is as small as a small apple

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a complete package of function and experience. Designed and manufactured in San Diego California, this little box is very stealthy. It’s tiny form-factor and laser-engraved mantra makes it feel very personal.

After unboxing it from its mysterious tin, I explored it for the first time with a sense of curious wonder. I found myself admiring its gentle curves and tracing its components with my fingers. I couldn’t help but imagine an old man carving this vape out of scrap wood on his front porch. That’s the kind of magic this vape emanates. In terms of build quality, this Launch Box is constructed to very high standards and is very durable. My test model has been used indoors, outdoors, and has been dropped a few times; yet it’s still in superb condition.

Magic Flight Launch Box with accessories

What you get with your Launch Box

There’s no denying that I prefer hand made vaporizers like the Milaana or Mistvape Touch. I chose the Monocle Edition of the Magic Flight Launch Box due to the copper accents with added steampunk sauce on top.

So what’s in this magic tin? The default MFLB kit includes:

  • The MFLB itself
  • 2 x rechargeable NiMH batteries (gold color)
  • Battery charger
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Cleaning brush
  • Flight Manual (user guide)

All the accessories are well made and the branding is on point. The only accessory that isn’t included, and I feel it should be, is the finishing grinder. More on that later.

Powering up the Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box with batteries

Batteries and Launch Box battery port

The Magic Flight Launch Box draws power from one NiMH battery that slides into a port on the side of the box. The AA size battery has no sleeve, so the negative terminal consists of the entire cylindrical surface of the cell. This means that these batteries are very easy to short, which can release a lot of heat and cause them to ignite. Magic Flight mitigates this danger by shipping each battery with protective rubber caps. This stops the positive terminal from touching other metals and prevents the battery from shorting.

Place the cap back onto the batteries as soon as you remove them from the vaporizer.

Depending on how you use it, an MFLB’s battery will provide enough power to vaporizer two or three trenches. Battery life is less of an issue with this vape since its potency will require you to hit it a lot less frequently. The Launch Box also comes with a spare battery, so you can take a backup with you when you’re out on the go.

Since the MFLB accepts AA-sized batteries, you can also use other NiMH batteries with a minimum capacity of 2000 mAh. You must peel the sleeve off 3rd party batteries for the MFLB to make contact with the negative terminal. Use of 3rd party batteries is documented on the Magic Flight website‘s FAQ.

Always use a cap with 3rd party batteries that have no protective sleeve.

To load a battery into the MFLB, remove the rubber cap and insert the positive side into the battery port. The Launch Box is now ready to for loading.

Using the Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box holding technique

An ideal grip when using your Launch Box

The Launch Box climbs to the required temperature in less than 4 seconds! This makes it one of the fastest on-demand vapes on the market. The MFLB is also one of the only on-demand vapes that uses conduction heating. This heating method is more common with session-style vaporizers that keep roasting the herbs even after you take a draw.

The MFLB uses a unique trench-shaped conductive heating design to vaporize your material. This design is ingenius because the chamber, heating element, and screen, are all the one same component. When electrical current flows through the trench, it uses resistence to generate heat and vaporize the herbs. This trench design takes care of containing the herbs, heating them, and stopping them from flowing into your mouth. It’s brilliant and innovative!

Magic Flight Launch Box with loaded trench

Finely ground herbs loaded in the trench

Unlike other vapes, the MFLB works best with finely-ground herbs. Magic Flight sells a finishing grinder that pulverizes your herbs and deposits them right into the trench. I highly recommend buying a finishing grinder if you don’t already own one. I used a normal grinder when I first received my MFLB, but the course grind reduced the contact surface of the herbs. This stopped the Launch Box from achieving complete extraction, even if I shook the hell out of it after each draw. The finishing grinder reduces herbs to dust and helps to fully vaporize the medicinal oils.

A method to get you going

The MFLB Flight Guide is a mandatory read. This vape is unique and requires the user to learn its unique characteristics. Even expert users will benefit from reading the user guide, so put your pride aside and take the time to learn your new toy.

To get started with the MFLB:

  1. Insert the glass mouthpiece into the small hole on the front
  2. Finely grind your herbs and fill up the trench to the brim
  3. Close the lid, and insert a fresh battery (positive end first) into the port
  4. Gently push the battery further into the box to activate the heater
  5. Look down the glass stem. You will see a red light that indicates the heater is on
  6. Count till 4, or until you see the trench filling with vapor
  7. Take a slow draw for 3 seconds (or till you feel the vapor hit your throat)
  8. Stop drawing and hold your breath for 2 seconds (allows trench to get hot again)
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until you’ve taken a complete hit
  10. Before you take your next draw cycle, give the MFLB a good shake to ensure the herbs are vaporized evenly
Magic Flight Launch Box red light

Light at the end of the tunnel!

When it comes to usability, this vape is one of the trickier ones to use. It definitely takes time to learn the right technique, but users with all experience levels can master it after a few sessions. Trust me when I say this, the MFLB is not a straightforward vape but the results are well worth it. Out of all the vapes I tested so far, the Launch Box packs the biggest punch and medicates me into the ground!

Seriously, clear your schedule if you’re using the MFLB for the first time. Despite my high tolerance I still wound up getting couch-locked.

Feel the heat!

Using the MFLB is comparable to riding a wave because you always feel like you’re on the edge of crashing. As long as you keep shifting your balance you manage to stay upright on your board.

Similarly, with the Launch Box, you always feel like you’re about to combust your herbs. When starting out, you’ll find yourself constantly adjusting battery contact and draw speed. Keep at it, and you’ll soon get the hang of this delicate balance of controls until it becomes second nature.

The trick is to pay attention to the sensation in your throat. Let go of the battery as soon as you feel the vapor becoming too hot. Then, give the heater 2 seconds to cool down before re-engaging the battery. This should keep you safe from combustion, even if the flavor takes on a toasty character.

Vapor Quality

Vapor from the MFLB tastes smooth and terpy, but a slight toasty undertone is mostly always present. Overall, the flavor is pleasant but nowhere memorable, and this might be due to the very large surface area of the heater. Conduction vaporizers transfer direct heat into the herbs through the oven’s walls. This heating method has a tendency to infuse the vapor with the taste of roasted plant matter. Since such a large area of the trench touches your material, the earthy notes of the roasted herbs will color the flavor.

As a big appreciator of flavor, I find the Launch Box sits on the neutral side of the scale, but I believe it’s a negligible trade for the potent medication this vape pumps out.

AVB Inspection

Magic Flight Launch Box with AVB or ABV

AVB after a session with the Launch Box

After several months of testing, the Launch Box consistently produced AVB (already vaped bud) that was light brown in color with scattered traces of green. I consider a trench to be spent when vapor production fades and the flavor becomes toasty.

Still, the AVB always had a few green remnants even if the herbs were completely vaporized. This is certainly positive, because it indicates that the herbs were nowhere close to combusting.  The only times I noticed hot spots of combustion was after I pushed the vape too hard, but that one’s definitely my fault.

I’ll take this as another opportunity to stress the importance of a finishing grinder. A fine grind is essential to using the MFLB to its full potential.



I never had to bother with any complicated cleaning routines after using the Magic Flight Launch Box for over 6 months. As long as you brush out the trench thoroughly after each use, you won’t have to wipe or scrub anything at all.

So far, I only soaked the glass stem once in Isopropyl alcohol to remove all the built-up resin. After every use, I give the trench a good brushing and I make sure to remove every tiny bit of spent herb. And that, my friends, is all you have to do to keep this little beast clean.


  • Very potent medication
  • Excellent build quality
  • Affordable price and lifetime warranty


  • Technique can be tricky to learn
  • Flavor tastes muted
  • Finishing grinder mandatory
PRICE: 100
The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the more peculiar vapes reviewed on The Daily Cloud. This little device is fascinating to unbox and use, and the charm doesn't seem to wear off over time. The Launch Box is one of the more difficult vapes to learn, but it's worth the persistence purely on the merit of its potency. Subjectively speaking, the Launch Box delivers the strongest medication out of all the devices I've tested so far. Vapor flavor is not memorable but it has its own character which I've grown to enjoy. All this magic is priced exremely well. At $119 it's an absolute bargain, and the lifetime warranty completes a perfect package.