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The Light Life Saber Vaporizer

LSV with bag and Accessories

The Life Saber Vaporizer and Friends

This is one for the sci-fi nuts and cloud lovers alike. The Life Saber convection vaporizer looks like a Star Wars prop, and its name echoes the inspiration for its design. The folks at 7th Floor Vapes created a unique vaporizer that fills you with awe before you turn on the device. Assembling the LSV makes you feel like a Jedi, or perhaps a secret agent setting up your weapon’s silencer.

Right off the bat, this convection vaporizer exudes quality from every component. The anodized aluminium body feels light but strong. The heat shield and locking ring bind everything together with solid confidence. Despite the LSV’s solid build, the weak link among its components is the transfer wand. The glass feels thick and strong but drop it and it will shatter, so buy a spare wand to prevent mid-session misery.

Also worth mentioning are all the accessories that come included with the Life Saber. The “packaging” itself comes in the form of a slick carry bag made of hemp fiber, with enough internal padding to keep all the accessories safe. The carry bag contains:

  • Life Saber vaporizer
  • Glass transfer wand (with extra space for a spare)
  • Picking tool with artisan glass head
  • Spare screens galore
  • Flavor disk for wax and concentrates

Temperature Control

LSV Vaporizer Temperature Control

Life Saber Vaporizer Control

The Life Saber has one knob (or pot) that clicks the device on or off and controls the temperature range. This vape does not use preset heat levels so you’ll have to experiment with setting the right temperature for your session.

This herbal vaporizer uses a 100% convection heating system with an isolated air path. The design is simple: a stream of gets heated by flowing over a ceramic heating element and then vaporizes the herbs in the wand. The vapor then passes up the glass transfer wand which acts as a cooling path to reduce the harshness of the vapor. The Life Saber is very efficient at delivering cool vapor that wasn’t harsh on the throat. With an unrestricted air-flow it’s up to the user to control the draw rate, so again it’s up to you to find the right flow for tasty wisps or thick clouds.

LSV ceramic heating element powered on

Life Saber Vaporizer Body Heating Up

Following is a simple method to get you started:

  1. Plug in the Life Saber
  2. Turn the dial onto the 2 o’clock position
  3. Set down the Life Saber for approx. 2 minutes
  4. Grind your herbs medium to fine
  5. Load your herbs the wand’s bowl and tamp lightly (3/4 full for best results, do not over-pack)
  6. Connect the transfer wand do the vaporizer body and turn the dial to the 12 o’clock position
  7. Start drawing slowly and steadily


Indoor and friendly herbal vaporizer

Life Saber in hand

Life Saber in Hand

It is very convenient to have a vaporizer that is always ready without needing batteries. The Life Saber is a plug-in handheld so it draws power from a wall outlet and does not need any charging. The 10-foot cable is long enough so you’re free to enjoy it at a distance from the nearest power point.

The Life Saber gives you the power of a desktop vaporizer but with the convenience of a portable. This means you can pass it around your friends instead of huddling around a desktop. The only issue with this design is the lack of a base, so the LSV can roll off a table if you aren’t careful.

AVB inspection

Following the standard procedure, I emptied out the AVB (already vaped bud) as soon as the vapor began to taste a bit roasted. With the LSV turned off, the transfer wand was disconnected and the vaporizer’s body and set down to cool. After a session the Life Sabery does tend to get very warm, but the aluminium body was never hot enough to damage furniture. In spite of that, it is advisable to play it safe and allow it to cool on a heat-resistant surface like a chopping board or wooden tray.

The chamber-side of the transfer wand will be extremely hot after use. To avoid nasty burns always hold the transfer wand by the middle section or towards the mouthpiece. Do not disassemble the Life Saber body until left to cool for at least 10 minutes.

You can use the included picking tool to scoop out the spent herbs from the transfer wand onto a tray. The vaped material did show some light charring due to the hotspot of focused heat into the core of the bowl. It does help to occasionally stir the herbs throughout the session, and given the vape’s assembled length of over 18″ this can be a tedious job. However, I prefer to avoid combustion with a couple of stirs and this behavior is typical of convection vaporizers.


All our vaporizer reviews start with a burn-off cycle to remove any manufacturing residues that might be toxic if inhaled. The Life Saber didn’t give many concerns since the air path consists of only ceramic and glass. Having said that, one can always err on the side of caution by running one burn-off cycle, and with the Life Saber this is as simple as follows:

  1. Connect the Life Saber body to a power outlet
  2. Turn the dial all the way in a clockwise direction to power it on at the highest heat setting
  3. Leave the glass transfer wand in the bag
  4. Set down the Life Saber on a heat-resistant surface and leave it running for approx. 5 minutes
  5. Turn off the device and allow to cool for 10 minutes


The Life Saber is delightfully easy to clean when compared to other vapes. After several months of use I only needed to clean the glass wand and its screen.

  • Remove the transfer wand screen with the picking tool and soak in an alcohol bath
  • Again with the picking tool, scrape out any residues from the bowl
  • Soak the transfer wand in an alcohol bath (you can harvest any resin build-up for further consumption)


  • Makes you feel like a Jedi
  • Super clean air path
  • Vapor is very tasty and cool


  • Has a tendency to get hot
  • Occasional stirring required
  • Could easily roll off a table
The Life Saber is a plug-in vaporizer that doesn't seem to be hindered by it's reliance on a power outlet. Despite the ample glass, which makes it one of the more fragile vaporizers, it's simple design makes it extremely effective at pumping out satisfying and tasty clouds, but only when the right balance of heat settings and technique is found. If you're looking for a stay-at-home vaporizer that plays well with friends, then the Life Saber is a top contender in this somewhat limited class of vapes.