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FORCE Herbal Vaporizer

The Healthy Rips FORCE comes with all the accessories needed to use and maintain the device. A user guide, wax and oil tank, USB charging cable, spare screens and O-rings, cleaning brush, tweezers, and dabbing tool, are all included with the FORCE.

herbal vaporizer convection oven

Lots of room in this oven

Compact and stealthy, this herbal vaporizer feels comfortable in the your hand. A convenient multi-function button gives you control over power, temperature, and heating modes. The lid and body snap together with strong magnets that allow you to grab the vape by the lid without it coming off. The juice box style mouthpiece swivels outwards in a similar way to the Crafty.

The FORCE’s oven is big enough to hold around .3 grams of herb, but you can load more material by using a finer grind. The top of the vaporizer’s body tapers into the oven like a funnel. This makes it easy to load without spilling any herbs.

Ease of Use

Healthy Rips FORCE vape loading medium grind herb

Medium to fine grind yields best results

The Healthy Rips FORCE is very easy to use, especially for a beginner. Pop the lid off, pour in your herbs, snap the lid back on, and the vape is ready to go. To turn on the FORCE you must press the button five times. Two clicks of the button allow you to select one of four temperature settings:

  • Green: 338 °F (170 Celsius)
  • Blue: 356 °F (180 Celsius)
  • Purple: 374 °F (190 Celsius)
  • Red: 410 °F (210 Celsius)
Healthy Rips FORCE convection vape temperature level

Blue setting is the best starting temperature

I started the first session on the BLUE setting (356 °F / 180 °C), and the flashing LED confirmed that the heater was busy. Timer in hand, the LED soon switched to a fixed blue glow, clocking the heat-up time at only 28 seconds. This is remarkably fast when compared to the Crafty’s 2 minute heatup time. After taking the first hit there was an initial concern about the draw resistance. All doubts were soon dispelled after seeing the first whisp of vapor.

The second draw pumped out a bigger and even tastier cloud that was soon followed by several more. The first session was over after a yield of 5 decent clouds followed by a few light puffs. The draw resistance wasn’t much of a bother since it helps the user to go slow and easy. This is often the best way to get good vapor production, and the FORCE was never harsh on the throat.

AVB Inspection

Healthy Rips FORCE convection vaporizer with AVB

AVB is evenly toasted and never charred

Examining the spent herb is a good way to measure a herbal vaporizer‘s performance. The Healthy Rips FORCE delivered another pleasant surprise in this department. The AVB (Already Vaped Bud) was toasty brown in color and uniform throughout with no charring in sight. The herbs did not need any stirring during the session, and this is the mark of a well-designed vaporizer.

Emptying the FORCE is even easier than filling it. A few gentle taps against the underside and the herbs pour out the oven with no fragments left behind. The screen beneath the mouthpiece dusts off without getting too clogged up. Session one was a success and round 2 was even more satisfying than the first.

Battery Life

After receiving the FORCE it was set up for a charging cycle with the included mini USB cable. Two hours later and the LED at the bottom of the vape turned green to confirm that it was ready for use.

In an ideal world, an overnight charge is better to bring a new battery to full capacity. Without using the red temperature setting the battery was able to last four sessions. More charging cycles might extend the battery life to last five sessions, but it’s still too early to tell.

Burn Off

We kick off all our vaporizer reviews with a burn-off cycle, and the first time I turned on the FORCE visible fumes were emanating from its oven. I recommend at least one burn-off cycle with this vaporizer to prevent any nasty stuff from getting into your lungs. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Remove the lid
  2. Click 5 times to turn on the FORCE
  3. Click twice to navigate through the heat settings until it starts blinking RED (410 °F / 210 °C).

Once the red LED stops flashing the Healthy Rips FORCE can be set down. The burn-off will be complete after it powers itself off. For the sake of being thorough—and this is good practice with all vaporizers—you should swab the chamber with Isopropyl alcohol.


It’s very easy to clean the FORCE’s oven. The included brush is all you need to remove leftover material, and an occasional alcohol swab will keep it shiny.

The lid and mouthpiece are not as easy to clean. The lid’s metal screen is easy to remove and soak in alcohol, but everything above it is tedious work. I do not recommend soaking the lid in alcohol because it might degrade the plastic, which could release fumes when the vaporizer is hot. The only option is to soak the cleaning brush in alcohol and squeeze it through the lid’s openings. The flat mouthpiece is even harder to clean. Get yourself some pipe cleaners to scrub the flat channel where resin tends to accumulate.

Convection vs Conduction

The FORCE comes labeled as a pure convection vaporizer. To verify this claim I left the vape to reach the blue temperature with an empty oven. Soon enough the oven was getting pretty hot despite no hot air passive through it. Convection ovens should only get hot when heated air flows through them. In this case, the oven became hot seconds after turning on the FORCE.

Touching the oven of any vaporizer will result in serious burns so please do not try this at home!

The Healthy Rips team explained that the heating element surrounds the stainless steel air path, right under oven. This design causes some resultant conduction, but the vaporizer’s performance overtook all concerns. The uniformity of the AVB further confirms that this is a non-issue.


  • Competitive price
  • Very easy to use
  • Good vapor production


  • Fixed battery
  • No pass-through charging
  • Lid and mouthpiece is hard to clean
The FORCE is a reliable vape that's ideal for users who are new to vaporizing. At this price point the device is well designed and assembled to be durable and efficient. The FORCE is very intuitive and does not require any special techniques to achieve good vapor clouds, which makes it a great choice for sharing with friends. The lack of interchangeable battery will require the user to rely on a car adapter or a portable power-bank for outdoor use, but at lower temperatures the battery can provide enough juice for up to 6 sessions. Vapor flavor is slightly colored by the plastic mouthpiece, which is difficult to clean. Overall the FORCE is a dependable machine with a few good tricks up its sleeve.