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Arizer Air Herbal Vaporizer

Arizer Air Herbal Vaporizer with Glass Stems

Arizer Air Herbal Vaporizer with Glass Stems

Arizer is a Canadian company with a reputation for designing premium vaporizers. The Arizer Air is their most compact herbal vaporizer that comes highly recommended by its passionate users. It extracts your herb’s essences by using both conduction and convection heating methods.

Popular attributes include: ease-of-use, superior flavor, solid reliability, and big ol’ clouds. These qualities made us eager to check it out for ourselves, and as far as vaporizer reviews go, I had a great time getting to know the Air, so here we go.


The powerplant

Herbal Vape with 18650 Battery

Arizer Air with 18650 Battery

A single 18650 battery powers the Arizer Air for (allegedly) one hour of continuous use. Our tests showed that the battery is capable of powering an average of five loads per charge. At an estimated 10 minutes per load this comes pretty close to the manufacturer’s claims. It’s important to note that the Air is a session-style herbal vaporizer. This is due to an always-on heater that’s designed to vaporize the entire chamber in one session. On-demand vapes work in an opposite manner by heating up only when the user takes a draw. This way the user can consume the loaded herbs over several intervals if desired.

Vape plugged in for Passthrough Charging

Arizer Air with Passthrough Charging

The always-on nature of session vapes translates to reduced battery life. Luckily they’ve equipped the Air with pass-through charging, so you can plug it in and keep a session going. Having said that, battery life is on the short side by today’s standards. Removable batteries make this less of a problem since you can carry spares if you’re using it off-grid.

No need for alarm, but:
The Arizer Air will not power on if the battery has been drained completely. One must let the device charge for a while before it can be used while plugged in.


Arizer Air Heatup Time

Arizer Air Heatup Time

The Air is very easy to use. I only consulted the manual once to turn on the device and to learn the meaning of the LED’s patterns and colors. A pair of up / down buttons form the Arizer Air’s controls. Use them to flick through the temperature settings, and press them together for 3 seconds to turn the Air on or off.

The Air provides 5 temperature presets but it doesn’t allow you to set precise values. Users of various experience levels remarked that the presets were enough to draw plenty of potent medication from each load. These presets are as follows:

  • Red: 210 °C / 410°F
  • Orange: 205 °C / 401°F
  • Green: 200 °C / 392°F
  • White: 190 °C / 374°F
  • Blue: 180 °C / 365°F
Medium Grind Herbs

Medium Grind Herbs in glass stem

The oven takes approximately 1 minute, 30 seconds to reach the selected temperature. This is on the slow side by current standards. A flashing blue LED indicates that the heater is working up to the selected temperature. The LED switches to a fixed blue when it’s ready for you to take a draw.

Vaporizer Glass Stem Screen

Glass Stem with glass screen

The Arizer Air comes packaged with two glass stems. These stems double as both a mouthpiece as well as the chamber into which you load your herbs. What makes these stems great is that they do not use traditional wire-mesh screens. Instead a glass barrier with 4 holes sits between the chamber and the stem. This does a great job at keeping the herbs in place while allowing the vapor to flow through. The glass barrier is also a lot easier to keep clean! A medium grind is ideal to keep the herbs in place, since finer grinds might pass through the larger holes.

The glass barrier inside the stems restricts enough of the air flow to prevent you from drawing too fast. This encourages you to take slow and relaxed draws, which also helps to extract plenty of thick vapor. When it comes to flavor, the Arizer Air is capable of pumping out super tasty clouds. The truth is it delivers some of the tastiest vapor of all the mass-produced vapes we’ve tested until now.

A typical session

After testing different temperature combinations I found a sequence that delivered satisfying sessions:

  1. Press both Up and Down buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to turn on the Air
  2. Use the Up and Down buttons to find the White setting (after blue and before green)
  3. Take the first draw when the blue LED stops blinking
  4. For the second draw, press the Up button to switch to Green, take another hit when the blue LED stops blinking
  5. Continue using the Green setting until the vapor begins to thin out
  6. Switch to the Orange setting using the Up button and take a few more draws
  7. Switch to the Red setting to finish off the bowl
Please note:
Starting the session on the White temperature level will not yield much vapor, but is ideal to taste the genuine flavor of your herbs.

AVB Inspection

Vaporized AVB or ABV

Arizer Air AVB (or ABV)

Despite switching to the Red setting for the final draw, not once did I experience any combustion in the herbs. Keep in mind that it will be possible to burn your material if you use the Red setting for longer periods.

Session after session, the Arizer Air did an impressive job at vaporizing the herbs in a uniform manner and without needing any stirring. Thanks to the hybrid heating system (mixing convection with conduction), the Air consistently delivered golden AVB (already vaped bud). This is an impressive achievement, especially after seeing the giant clouds that the Air is capable of producing. It’s normal to get worried about combustion when you fill the room with vapor, but the Air threw all our concerns out the window.

Burn In

The Daily Cloud encourages users to put new vaporizers through a burn-in process. The goal is to burn away any manufacturing residues before they reach your lungs.

To burn-in your Arizer Air:

  1. Hold down both Up and Down buttons at the same time for 5 seconds to turn on the device
  2. Press the Up button until you reach the Red temperature setting
  3. Set the vape down in a safe place until it shuts off automatically after 10 minutes
  4. Swab the glass stems with isopropyl alcohol or allow to sit in boiling water


The Arizer Air is one of the easiest vaporizers to clean. When your session is complete you brush out the oven (inside the vape) and scoop out any bits of herb left over in the stem. The lack of traditional mesh screens allows you to clean the Air in less than 20 seconds.

Over time you will have to use isopropyl alcohol (or any safe household solvent) to clean the resin that will build up inside the stem. You can harvest this resin can also be for other purposes.


  • Super tasty vapor
  • Big cloud production
  • Potent medication with smaller loads


  • Short battery life by current standards
  • Not stealthy for a portable
  • Long heat-up time
The Arizer Air is a leading mass-produced portable vaporizer that delivers high-end performance while remaining affordable. The Air is not exactly stealthy, and the heat-up time is on the slow side, but you can be certain that the new Air II will deliver improvements in both those areas. Comfortable ergonomics, solid build quality, intense flavor, and big dense clouds are some of the characteristics that contribute to the Air's stellar reputation. Ultimately, one must try it to experience what a premium vaporizer is capable of.
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